You may be familiar with D-Virtual Park for its captivating VR/AR attractions

The fun, however, does not just stop there. D-Virtual Park, Kota Samarahan is the perfect venue to commemorate any special event!

Birthday celebrations

Want a memorable and virtual-tastic time to commemorate your special day? Come spend it at D-Virtual Park, Kota Samarahan with your nearest and dearest!

Wedding Photoshoots

If you are into a futuristic-themed wedding photoshoot, why not book D-Virtual Park as the backdrop for your wedding photoshoot?

Lectures/Online Meetings

Having connectivity issues at home, then come on down to D-Virtual Park. Equipped with fast connection and latency, enjoy a smooth online lecture or zoom meeting!

Family Gatherings

Running out of ideas when it comes to spending quality time with your spouse, kids or/and relatives? No problem! Just come down! We have VR attractions that definitely make your family gathering a memorable and well spent one!

Team Building Activities

Take a break and have a field trip to D-Virtual Park, Kota Samarahan with your fellow colleagues! Unwind and get to know your colleagues’ fun side better!

D-Virtual Park, Kota Samarahan

Want to experience the beauty of virtual reality theme parks without being constrained by the hassle of travel costs? If you’re a local Bornean, you no longer have to travel across the sea to visit the nearest theme park! We’re bringing to you D-Virtual Park, the first theme park in the island of Borneo to showcase the finest in virtual reality technology. Located in Kota Samarahan not far from Kuching, the ground-breaking virtual theme park houses an array of virtual reality attractions, that can be enjoyed no matter what age you are!

The Fantastic of virtual world?

Indulge in a selection of 10 park attractions comprising of the finest in high-tech fun, from free-roam virtual tours that test the boundaries of our horizon, to adrenaline rushing thrill rides as well as a battleground where you get to unleash your inner warrior! D-Virtual Park customizes our games so that it can be enjoyed by all players of varying skill sets. Our games are designed to optimise individual preferences and is bang for your buck! Not only that, we are the pioneering virtual park to give our audience the chance to experience the viewing of a customized hologram theatre show, offering the most revolutionary form of cinematic experience!

About DVP
Everything is beyond your expectation.

D-Virtual Park is guaranteed to give visitors a fun-filled recreation that they have yet to experience! Our unique VR experiences shouldn’t just be limited to you, why not bring others to tag along with you? We offer exclusive packages which range from team building activities to celebratory occasions such as birthday parties and school trips! Why wait? Start booking to experience the depth of entertainment beyond our physical realms today!